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Importance of English

Have you considered the merit of starting English conversation from a young age? For Japanese people, English is an unknown world in the first place, and fundamentals such as pronunciation, grammar and nuance are all different from Japanese. When you start learning English conversation after becoming an adult, you will be amazed at the speed of English that foreigners speak at the very beginning. The new language comes into the ears like unnatural sounds and noises, not as words until the ears get used to it. When you start learning English conversation for the first time, everyone struggle the difference in sound. Therefore, Bloom International Academy has a primary purpose of making the difference of the sound less for young children learning English from early age. B.I.A. provides preschool course and a kids' English conversation course that can be started from the age of 2.


Learning methods similar to overseas children learn speaking, reading and writing in a short period of time


Easy to learn by native lecturers familiar with Japan


In the lessons of preschool course, we also include subjects of mathematics calculations, geography, science, music, dance and presentations in class too. So you can enroll in elementary school with a lot of knowledge and ability acquired.

Bloom International Academy Courses

Preschool Course

-5 days a week –

From 2 years and 6 months old to the final year of kindergarten

Half Day Preschool Course

– 3 days a week –

As a preparatory period for entrance from 2 to 3 years old

After School Course

– Twice a week: 
Monday and Wednesday –

For returnee children or elementary school students who can speak English same level with them

English Conversation Course

Group・ Private

We have classes from 2 years above

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